Street Portrait #53  Kyle

Street Portrait #53

What’s your name or surname ? 
Kyle Scott

What do you ride ?
Triumph Bonneville

What would be the motorcycle of your dreams ?
6 motorcycles

Where do you live ?
Cape Town, South Africa

What is your job ?

How would you define your « riding style » ?
I like to ride fast and with confidence. I only wear proper protective gear when I ride. I’m not into motorcycles for the « fashion » of it all… Open-face helmets are a NO !

What is your most important memory or souvenir about motorcycling ?
My favourite/important memory is riding across South Africa with my wife in 2015. We covered 4700 km in 9 days.

Who is your best riding mate ?
Anyone who has a similar riding style to mine.

Do you have a good motorcycling address to recommend ? 
The House of Machines, 84 Shortmarket Street, Cape Town
Woodstock Moto Co, 7 Barron Street, Woodstock, Cape Town

What is the best advice you have ever received about riding a motorcycle ?
Good tyres, suspension and brakes are most important.

Photos : Cam

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