The Team

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Kiss’n Vroom is written by Cam & Clara’s, two passionate and exhilared motorcycle girls, who want to share their vision of this thrilling world.

Our magic words ? Fun, news, happiness and good mood !

We really hope you will appreciate our blog, and our style of blond and brunette chicks !

Please find some clues about us :


Little thirsty woman of strong sensations and emotions, curious of everything that goes at full speed !

Motorcycle in all it forms is fascinating for me : a fashion accessory or a pleasure tool on tracks, a way to travel and discover new countries, what a story between her and me !

What stories actually, with my two beauties : ‘Monsternounette’ and ‘Potato’, one is a Ducati Monster 1100 Evo and the other is a Royal Enfield Bullet 500, prepared in Scrambler. Two pretty coquettes who make my head simply twirl !

My next one ? A real sport bike, fitted with all the necessity (trailer, garage, umbrella boy) to be part of this adventure on all world’s tracks.


My motorcycle diploma freshly obtained, I got into the license adventure after having realized that being a passenger was not a fatality !

From my sixteen years old Ciao to my good old Zephy Heritage, there’s only been a few steps and always this incredible feeling of liberty blended with joy, aroused by the sensation of the wind on my face. Happiness being proportional with the engine size, I let you guess my actual blissfully happy state of mind !

Next dream to fulfil : travel along the tracks of Mongolia, this country dear to my heart, riding my favourite vehicle !